Easy install: just click to fit with Nu-Lock

Our panels combine modern style with advanced technology, unlocking optimal performance and functionality for a fast, easy to fit, cost-effective alternative to tiles.


Easy install: just click to fit with Nu-Lock

You shouldn’t have to choose style over function, and with our innovative Nu-Lock tongue and groove system you get both. The ‘click-to-fit’ system offers a better seal and improved finish on wall panels, whilst maintaining the integrity in the join that keeps out water.

Our unique system gives you a seamless, practically invisible finish, which is a major improvement on the traditional straight joint profile and as a bathroom tile alternative.

The Nu-Lock tongue and groove panels are available in every one of our designs. While accuracy of pattern alignment is dependent on scale of pattern, Nu-Lock will ensure fast, accurate and seamless results that last a lifetime, when fitting our wet wall panels.

Creating beautiful, fully waterproof walls in minutes couldn’t be easier. There’s no unsightly grouting, and there’s nowhere for dirt or germs to collect, and nothing to discolour over time.

Find out more about how to fit wet wall panels with our Nu-lock system by downloading the install guide or get in touch with a member of our team today.


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