Keeping Bathrooms Clean, Keeping Homeowners Serene

Perform Panel isn’t just quick and easy to install. It’s also really easy to look after and super easy to keep clean. Making it easy to love in any home

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Keeping Bathrooms Clean, Keeping Homeowners Serene

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a long, long list of things we’d rather be doing than cleaning... Something we definitely kept in mind when designing our laminate wall panels.

With simple preparation, no grouting and no mess, Perform Panel lets you create completely waterproof shower panels much faster and much easier than with traditional tiles.

But when that installation is complete (five times quicker than traditional tiling) then it’s easy to keep these beautiful, seamless waterproof walls looking clean. High performing, but low maintenance.

One of the many reasons homeowners love Perform Panel.

No Hiding Place for Germs

Thanks to our unique Nu-Lock high-performance fitting system, and it’s simple tongue-and-groove click system means you can just click it to fit it, you get a seamless, practically invisible finish. Which means that, unlike with traditional tiles, there’s no filler and no grout.

So there’s nowhere for dirt to build up and for germs to hide. Perform Panel gives you a seamless waterproof wall that’s more hygienic, quicker to wipe down and does away with that endless time and energy scrubbing.

All it takes for an easy, quick clean is some warm water, and a non-abrasive, mild household detergent, and its job done.

A clean start in any sector…

It’s not just home bathrooms that benefit from less maintenance and less time required for cleaning. Perform Panel’s speed and ease of installation make it ideal for a whole range of applications and environments.

But being so quick to clean is just as important. Especially for the likes of hotels and restaurants, social housing, and nursing homes, modular buildings, student accommodation, gyms and shops.

…and any surface

Perform Panel is not just adaptable to different sectors. It is easy to fit Perform Panel over different surfaces too. It’s quick and simple to put it over stud work, plasterboard, brick and block. And even traditional tiles.

Good looking now, good looking forever

As a bathroom tile alternative, Perform Panel looks great when installed and remains looking as good as new because it doesn’t discolour over time.

Another plus is that we’re continually adding new styles to our designs, keeping our three stylish ranges fresh and trendy. Right now, there are 48 eye catching designs in a wide choice of finishes, patterns and colours - from warm, gentle earth tones to bolder hues, and more contemporary urban designs. 

There’s no need to compromise on aesthetics in order to get something that’s practical and hard wearing too.

You might know that no other panel performs like Perform Panel. And now you know no other panel is as easy to keep clean.

If you’d like to see some more ideas for bathroom inspiration, just check out our blog and gallery


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