Our Panels Perform for 35 years

Our panels are in it for the long term, with a long lasting 35-year guarantee that’s as durable as their timeless looks.

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Our Panels Perform for 35 years

We always talk about our bathroom and shower panels as being high performing. As you’d expect, given that we use clever, cutting-edge technology and a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure optimum performance and a waterproof wall.

But we don’t often talk about how long the performance actually is. We talk about how fast they are to install, being five times quicker to fit than traditional tiling. But not about the lasting reassurance you get.

That long term reassurance of quality is just as important to the house builders, fitters, joiners, trade outlets and customers we work with as choice, quality and saving valuable time and hassle.

A long history of long-lasting quality

As part of the Donaldson Group, a family firm trusted by the building industry for premium quality for over 160 years, we’re committed to long-term craftsmanship and long-lasting credibility.

That’s something which is as important to us as the purpose and core values we share.

And so, our 35-year guarantee is a confident stamp of durable quality.

All Perform Panel products are manufactured at our own 35,000sqft production facility. That way we can set our own high standards and control the quality from the off. And we’re committed to always improving environmental performance, through encouraging new sustainable technology.

And of course, a hugely important aspect of the warranty is ensuring that our panels are installed correctly. Our unique Nu-Lock high-performance fitting system, with it’s simple tongue-and-groove click system means you can just click it to fit it, with a seamless, practically invisible finish. So, no messy, lengthy installation you’d get with tiles.

Which means you get a completely waterproof wet wall or shower panels much faster and much easier, that performs much better for much longer.

Hassle free - and grout-free

Unlike tiles there’s no grouting. Meaning there’s nowhere for dirt or germs to collect, and nothing to discolour over time. Again, helping shower and wet wall panels to last longer and keep performing.

Our wet wall panels are available in a large selection of stylish designs (almost 50) across three core ranges, Elegance, Harmony and Origins, working with any bathroom, and with any interior colour scheme.

The edges of our wet wall panels are square, and these can be finished in a choice of satin anodised aluminium (SAA), chrome, white, black or colour match trims which complement the design of the panel and the style of the bathroom.

All quick and easy to install, with standard sizes and bespoke size panels available, making our panels the easiest to fit on the market. Which is particularly welcome on projects where time is especially critical.

And our panels are not just for bathrooms – our wet wall panels are ideal for hotels, and gyms to showrooms, restaurants, shops and many more environments.

Built to stand the test of the time, it’s time to celebrate a long-lasting legacy, and long performing bathroom panels, today’s alternative to tiles.

Find out more about our 35-year guarantee and our range of bathroom wet wall panels here.


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