Perform Panel: Five Times Faster than Tiles to Install

Do you want to have your shower panels installed as quickly as possible? Perform Panel can help! 


Perform Panel: Five Times Faster than Tiles to Install

Did you know that the average person spends 416 days of their life in the bathroom? Whether it’s getting ready for the day, relaxing in a warm bath, or hiding from your kids for a few minutes, your bathroom can be a haven.  

Having restricted access to your bathroom during an upgrade is inconvenient at best. To shorten the process, and get results worthy of a luxurious spa, why not use Perform Panel wall panels? 

Read on to learn all about these classy, timeless wall and shower panels that are guaranteed to elevate your home. 

Shower Panels vs Bathroom Tiles 

The splash zones in your bathroom (like those around your bath or in your shower enclosure) require a watertight wall covering to prevent mould and mildew from developing. 

Ceramic tiles have been a classic wall covering choice for many years because they provide a watertight and hard-wearing surface.

So, why are people opting for shower panels as an alternative to tiles?

Shower wall panels can be used throughout your bathroom, providing a seamless and watertight finish. Let’s break down the benefits of shower panels in more detail:

Easy Installation 

The first benefit of choosing Perform Panel wall panels over bathroom tiles is their quick installation. Our Nu-Lock tongue-and-groove click system results in a seamless, virtually invisible finish without the hassle and time required for tile installation.   

Because wall panels are larger than individual tiles, fitting wet wall panels is 5 times faster than traditional tile installation. Your bathroom will be back in use in no time!  

No Grout 

Wall panels require sealant, not grout, to fill in the gaps between each panel. You can say goodbye to grout cleaning challenges; your bathroom panels simply need a wipe down with a cloth to return to their shining glory. 


Shower panels cost less per m2 to install. But on top of that, their quick installation means fewer labour costs during your bathroom renovation.

Perform panel also comes with a lengthy guarantee, 35 years to be exact, for your peace of mind. You won’t need to replace shower panels for years to come, nor will you have to re-grout around them. 

Unlimited Style Options 

You can find panels that best suit your style with a textured look or opt for more minimalist look with our variety of colours. Personalize your bathroom and fill the space with timeless patterns and luxurious textures in a range of colours.

If you have any questions regarding preparation, installation, or maintenance, be sure to check out our FAQs

Transform Your Bathroom with Perform Panel

Shower panels are the easiest and most cost-effective way to completely transform your bathroom interior. Save valuable time and money during your bathroom upgrade by choosing our seamless and modern wall panels.

Perform Panel has over 50 designs across three core collections, all designed with you in mind. View our range and let’s elevate your bathroom together. 


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