Welcome to 2022, welcome to ‘Elegant Comfort’

If you're looking ahead to your next project or looking for bathroom inspiration to blow your client's mind (without blowing their budget), then look no further.

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Welcome to 2022, welcome to ‘Elegant Comfort’

After the last couple of years, it's maybe no great surprise that for 2022, those in the know are predicting that a bit of pampering and self-care is in order. And the bathroom is set to be the home of transformation, going from practical space to the ultimate place for relaxation. The key phrase is ‘elegant comfort’, as we're all set to embrace new colours, textures and even nature to bring our bathrooms to life. So, it's time to check out some of these trends and get some big ideas for the smallest room in the house.

Turning Japandi

Japandi is actually two trends in one. A fusion of Scandi comfort and cosiness, with Japanese rustic minimalism. The result is a calming, peaceful and warm environment. The perfect kind of space for getting physically and mentally ready to kickstart the year.

Our stylish Elegance Collection is inspired by nature's tones and textures with our Bianco Ash, panels bringing nature into your bathroom or shower room.  Alternatively, our Concrete and Cool Greystone panels bring a stylish and simple minimalism.

Here's how else you can create a Japandi style bathroom.

  • Use natural materials, muted colours
  • Low Key lighting
  • Functional furniture
  • Minimal accessories
  • Clean lines
  • Decluttered space

Together this creates the perfect combination of form and function, leaving you with a gorgeous, new simplistic (and on trend) bathroom that you can truly relax in.

Bring the outside inside

A bit more of a natural touch can really bring your bathroom to life. And in our stressful post-pandemic world, anything that gets us reconnecting with nature is very welcome indeed for our overall wellbeing.

Biophilic design means including plants and more natural materials, but also using nature's patterns, in furniture, walls, and flooring to stimulate our senses and create a calming ambience.

Like our Urban Fall panels, inspired by the shimmer of a waterfall, or the sandy coloured tones of our high performing New Sandstone panels, inspired by natural tone. And our Cancun wall panel features rich, earthy tones that help create a warm, inviting and stylish space.

How to harvest nature for your interior design

Here are some materials that can help to create a more natural environment:

  • Reclaimed wood, timber
  • Glass doors
  • Tree bark, driftwood
  • Organic textures like stone, ceramic and marble
  • Earth and sand
  • Water features
  • Organic shapes, such as curved furniture

Going braver, bolder, brighter

As people spend more time at home, they're looking at how homes can be made more 'them' and more part of a better all-round lifestyle. Homeowners have, for a while now, started to embrace braver colours for bathrooms, and this looks like being a popular trend again in 2022.

Green: Back in, in a big way. All part of bringing us back to nature. There's a wealth of shades too, from striking emerald to softer hues and tints. And green is beautifully complemented by grey, like our Oyster Marble panel, working seamlessly together to create an elegant and timeless effect.

Terracotta & Earth tones: Traditionally a pick for living rooms or bedrooms, more people will be choosing a warmer, cosier tone, from apricot to burnt orange, as they turn their bathroom into their own private cocoon.

Yellows: Long thought to be too bright and bold for a bathroom, we will see richer tones for a warmer, sleeker bathroom look.

Pale Blue: Using the colour of the sea and sky is maybe an obvious choice, but from navy blue to turquoise it's a versatile one too. And perfect for helping create a serene vibe.

Classic White: Always going be in style. All white is still in. Doesn't have to be boring or featureless. Splashes of bold colour can add some pep. And wall panels, like the White Frost and White Pixel, help create bright and relaxing space in your home.

The hottest trend

Wet rooms have been a consistently popular trend in recent years, helping establish a more simple, spacious look. They're a great way to open up space, creating the illusion of space in the smallest of bathrooms. They're also easy to clean, and of course they look great too. And so, add a bit of elegant comfort to any bathroom.

Plus having a wet room instead, or alongside another bathroom can add value to your house.

So, they'll still be a big thing in 2022.

All our Perform Panels can bring a wet room to life, offering a modern feel that provides optimal performance, installed in a fraction of the time it would take to tile.

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