Raleigh Park Derwent Student Village

Waterproof wall panels, manufactured in the UK by Perform Panel, have been installed in the bathrooms of Raleigh Park Derwent Student Village accommodation in Nottingham. 115 new bathrooms were refurbished inside the student accommodation and 230 White gloss Perform Panel décors from the Origins Collection were supplied, giving the bathrooms a fresh and clean look.

The Client

The student village has undergone renovations carried out by Concorde BGW. Concorde BGW is a pub, restaurant, hotel, military base and office refurbishment contractor. They deliver a diverse range of projects for buildings around the UK.

Perform Panel’s Added Value

The time scale of this project was a factor that the client had to take into consideration when choosing a wall panelling solution. From ripping out the existing bathrooms, to the installation of the new ones, the team only had a turnaround time of 5 weeks to complete the renovations. By using Perform Panel boards in the bathrooms of the student accommodation, the installation team were able to fit them quickly and hassle free in time for the students to move in before classes begin. Not only are the boards easy to install but they are also easy to clean and maintain, which is perfect for student’s accommodation.