Privacy Policy

We take privacy and the protection of personal information seriously. This privacy notice sets out details about how we gather, use and share personal information and about individual privacy rights.

James Donaldson Group Privacy Policy

1.1 We take privacy and the protection of personal information seriously. This privacy notice sets out details about how we gather, use and share personal information and about individual privacy rights. How we use personal information depends upon the context in which it is made available to us.

1.2 Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) provides help and guidance to make sure we apply good practice standards to protecting personal information. Our DPO can be reached by email at if you have any questions about how we use personal information.

2 About us

The privacy policy is issued by and on behalf of the James Donaldson Group. The James Donaldson Group is made up of different legal entities, details of which can be found here.

When we say “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy policy, we are referring to the relevant company in the James Donaldson Group responsible for processing your data.

Please note our DPO represents the James Donaldson Group as a whole, and any enquiries about how personal data is used by any Group entity should be directed to the DPO. We do share personal data with other subsidiaries within the Group.

3 What kinds of personal information we use

3.1 We use a variety of personal information depending on the circumstances under which personal information is made available to us.

3.2 We may use personal information in the following circumstances:

(a) where you are opening a trade credit account with us, we will collect the names, dates of birth and personal addresses of the owners of the business opening the account. We may also need to conduct credit checks against the owners and/or the business they represent. This may involve us processing personal information that is provided to us by credit reference agencies. More information about this is set out in paragraph 10 below;

(b) if you are ordering goods via our websites at, or we will collect names, billing address, delivery address, order details and payment information (including debit or credit information) about you;

(c) we collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, CV’s and any other information provided to us by job applicants applying for a role with us;

(d) we hold the names, job titles, employer details and professional contact details for various business contacts, including client contacts and supplier contacts; and

(e) when you visit our websites, we collect some technical information about your visit using cookies. More information about our use of cookies is available in our Cookies Policy;


(f) we hold the names, addresses and bank account details of shareholders in order to maintain our share register, pay dividends and send notices of meetings;

(g) we hold the names, addresses and bank account details of loan account holders in order to maintain loan account records, send out statements and process withdrawal instructions; and

(h) we may use names, postal addresses and email addresses for marketing purposes.

4 How we use your personal information?

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

(a) to perform our contract with you to deliver the goods you have ordered from us and process your payment;

(b) to allow us to process your trade credit application and to provide you (or the business you represent) with goods and services;

(c) to allow us to run checks for identification and creditworthiness, whether via credit reference agencies or checking the Electoral Register and other databases which contain publicly available information about judgements, bankruptcy and repossessions;

(d) to allow us to manage your trade credit account;

(e) to allow us to ask for your feedback, assess customer satisfaction and to improve our overall operations;

(f) to communicate with you by sending you information about our products and services that we think may be of interest to you. We will not send you marketing communications if you have not given us your consent to do this, or if you have given us your consent and then changed your mind and unsubscribed;

(g) to validate your information to check that the data we hold about our customers is accurate, consistent and up to date; and

(h) to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations to which we are subject.

5 Our legal basis for using your personal information

5.1 We will only use your personal information where it is permitted by law and where:

(a) we need to use your personal information to perform a contract with you (e.g. where you are a consumer or where you are a sole trader representing yourself);

(b) we need to use your personal information to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations;

(c) you have given us consent to use your personal information (if consent is needed we will ask for this from you separately); and

(d) it is in our legitimate business interests to be able to comply with our obligations and exercise our rights under our contract with the corporate entity you represent, and there is no disadvantage to you or risk to your personal information.


5.2 If you do not provide us with the personal information we request from you, or if you do not allow us to process your personal information that we may obtain from other sources (such as credit reference agencies), we may not be able to offer you our products or services, or continue to administer any services that you have with us.

6 Who we share your personal information with

6.1 We may share your personal information with: