Frequently Asked Questions

From cleaning to installation, we've pulled together answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Q. How do I clean my Perform Panel?

A: We would advise cleaning your panels with warm water and a non-abrasive, mild household detergent.

Q. Where can I buy Perform Panel from?

A. We have a number of stockists throughout the UK. Find your nearest stockist to order Perform Panel.

Q. Can I order a special or custom decor from Perform Panel?

A. We can do special orders however please be advised that minimum order quantities would apply. Please make an enquiry if you'd like to find out more and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Q. What is the size and weight of one panel?

A. Each panel is 1200mm wide and weighs approximately 26 kilograms.

Q. Can panels be supplied in a larger sheet?

A. Yes, up to 3000mm wide. However, they are only available in a limited number of colours. We would advise that you contact your stockist for further information. You can find your nearest stockist here.

Q. What is the warranty period on the product?

35 years provided the installer follows our recommended guidelines.

Q. Are there any particular fixings required for Grab Rails to be attached to Perform Panel?

A. We recommend that any fixings are fixed through the panel into the wall or stud work behind for a secure fixing. All apertures must be sealed with silicone prior to installing fixings.

Q. What surfaces can Perform Panel be installed on?

A. Our panels can be installed to many different surfaces including Tiles, Stud work, Plasterboard, Brick and Block.

Q. Can Perform Panel be installed behind a cooker or oven?

A. Yes, however there must be a minimum of a 150mm gap between the panel and your cooker or oven.

Q. Can matching vanity tops be supplied?

A. Yes, these are made to order and are available on a 10-14 working day lead time. Please make an enquiry if you wish to discuss custom made vanity tops.

Q: How is Perform Panel Installed

You can follow the guidance on our installation guide here: 


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